— September 6, 2022 —

Welcome to my musings!

I created this blog nearly a year ago, but it didn't feel ready to open up and share its wisdom yet...not even with me. So it's just been sitting here, holding space. Little did I know that I had to go through a type of next-level healing portal, an unexpected journey and today is the day to begin. Expansion never ends, but it has its seasons. I had also posted several photos of nature or natural surroundings - randomly - or so it felt. I just had not written any content, but I felt the urge to have nature and her creatures as the visual theme of this new blog.

But now that I've been on this journey, and am emerging from this portal - it is incredible to see that I will be using this blog also to share a process called, The Dream Arc which centers upon nature and her creatures as a type of intuitive guidance (just released late spring of this year), created by the team at The Gene Keys, founded by Richard Rudd. In the Dream Arc, each gene key is divided into 3 distinct areas: The Fear Key (shadow), The Life Key (gift), or the Vision Key (siddhi).  I am also a Gene Keys Guide, so I will also connect the dots between this personal transformation tool and the Dream Arc.

The Dream Arc is a way to play with and connect with Mother Nature and a variety of creatures who are a part of our spiritual guides and Guardians team - as seen in the outer world, but also rooted within us. We are connected to all of life, and it is the artificial separation lines that we have been taught and conditioned to believe that has led to much division and suffering and also disrespect for our planet and animal kingdoms. It is a type of online mystical tool that utilizes our right brain, imagination, and intuition, and can show up in the everyday 3D reality of our lives - the little creatures and animals can actually show up - by landing on you, suddenly living in your backyard, and even 'bothering' you - like seeing too many spiders suddenly for my comfort zone!

Your inner spiritual guidance is encouraging you through these tools to uncover more of your unconscious beliefs that no longer serve you, so that you can shift them! This is a part of 'Shadow Work'. The shadow is a story you tell yourself that can limit you, that you haven't seen fully consciously - it's 'in the shadows'. You can bring it into the light of awareness more skillfully to empower yourself when you understand how.

Our brain is a fantastic 'storyteller' that creates these shadows unintentionally in its attempt to help us cope with life, and stores them in our unconscious mind. They are typically based in fear, and not at our highest potential of functioning.  I share these tools to help women learn to explore and bring to the surface in creative ways, what is holding them back from accessing their inner essence of the Magnificent Self. We have the ability to transmute our emotions from fear to love for greater joy, peace, and vitality.

I have been on a three-decade journey of shadow work - which can also be thought of as 'parts work' - as in, 'a part of me feels like this, and a part of me feels like that'. You can think of these parts as 'facets' of yourself. Inner conflicting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that create self-sabotage or interfere with personal growth, health, wealth, and relationships. Can you relate?

The shadow is the path and fuel for our mind/body/spirit healing and wisdom - our Gifts, Purpose, and Life's Work, so to embrace it is the accelerated pathway to self-empowerment. I use the process of The Gene Keys as a trained 'Guide' for supporting women in this process, and I integrate The Dream Arc as a  part of playfulness that brings another dimension to the process. The intention overall is to be a guide to help women to develop 'self-illumination' - for only you can empower yourself. This process requires contemplation along with community support. I call this process, 'Facet Healing' - for we have many facets within us that need to heal, that cover our inner Light and obscures the Diamond of the Magnificent Self - the real you, the spirit of you.

Community is the most supportive and powerful way to engage in this journey - it is not as much fun if you have to play by yourself, but at the same time, it is a solo inner journey to discovering who you really are. I cannot tell you this - and only you can KNOW it for yourself by experiencing it. I can however, help women to learn in months what took me decades to do, mostly alone and with great inner turbulence which required great perseverance.

The Gene Keys are a tool for our times. It is a tool for self-illumination and self-empowerment that is supported by a like-minded community.

Fortunately, I made it, with Divine Spirit as my Guide and a few souls along the way that pointed me in the right direction when I was at the next path point to choose to spiral up and go an octave higher up the mountain - to arrive for such a time as this.

I've made it thus far, it's been worth the journey - and I am so glad I did it. Making friends with feelings is at the heart of our reclamation of our power. This is a skill, and with a skillful guide and with the support of our Dream Arc team - particularly the Lioness in my story - we can once again empower the power of our higher heart to balance our intellect and see a new, expanded vision for our lives. This is about also experiencing 'Sovereignty in Community'. A co-creative process. Won't you join me?