Explorations into the Depths of Love

GENE KEY 48 – Life Key


Diving into the ‘depths of love’ frankly is truly not for the faint of heart, and it has taken me my lifetime until now to even be willing to seriously attempt to do it. My arrival to consciously connecting into this Gene Key has been a sort of ‘grand finale’ to my unexpected journey this summer. The reason why I am posting it sooner than later is because, I’ve come to realize energetically, the Whale is a co-Guardian archetypal energy for me along my journey.

Ironically, the ‘whale’ sounds like ‘The Well’ – which is what the I-Ching calls the hexagram that composes this gene key of the 48. The well is deep waters, deep emotional wounds and a wounding that is linked to the seven year cycle between the ages of 7-14 years of age, when we are very vulnerable to the creation of, ‘self-defense mechanism’ formations. I feared abandonment – so I put the armor on during these years.

It has been a lifetime in the making to deal with what I’ve faced this summer, and the shadow of the whale gene key interconnects with each step along the way in some significant manner – so I’ll share as a second post to the Lioness. Lioness, with the fire element, has been with me in my psyche virtually all of my life – thank goodness! I needed her courage and fierce protection of the inner child wounding along the way in order to survive mentally and emotionally and to be willing to look into the face of my fears eventually.


How Does This Relate to the Whale

Gene Key 48 has the following aspects:

Siddhi: Wisdom

Gift: Resourcefulness

Shadow: Inadequacy

The whale is the nature creature associated with the Gift, all-encompassing resourcefulness. When we are able to look into the face of our emotional fears to heal them, we can tap into inner resources that we did not realize that we had. We can stop chasing the illusions of the outer, external world, and begin to deeply trust the Divine within us for provision, guidance and abundance on every level. Resourcefulness is not just about material security – it includes wisdom. We can begin to tap into our emotional guidance system instead of being afraid of feelings, reconnect with our intuition, and reclaim our creative flare. We can expand our vision!

Overarching Message from Whale for me from The Dream Arc:

I am the Guardian of the element of water. I have come to say: do not tremble and do not be afraid of those who resist your love. For who in the end, can resist love? Just let your love be unconditional. You have emotional work to do. You still have unloved wounds within the belly of your being. Follow me into the depths of your own body and I will show you how to love those wounds so deeply that they release you in clouds of bubbles to the surface of a new world.

I contemplated the Whale before the Praying Mantis blog post. Little did I realize that these unresolved and unconscious wounds that had me stuck was indeed related to my inhibitions of being a Guide in groups/community and fear of rejection of my heart-felt creativity when shared with the world. The fascinating thing is, as we trust and surrender – a theme of the Whale also – our intuition will indeed guide us in Divine Order so that in the end, it all comes together to make sense so that we can growth.


Whale…the Archetype of Emotional Healing

While the whale is at the top of the hierarchy of the oceanic world in terms of its power status, it also has a very nurturing nature and is a guardian of the earth and waters so to speak, in a feminine principle way. All of life has a dance between fire and water element (masculine and feminine principles), but of course – the ocean is particularly deep where water is concerned, and water is the element associated with emotion. Hence, the association of emotional depth and the facing of our fears to heal emotionally. The Dream Arc tool has a step where one intuitively chooses a ‘guardian’ based on the concept of the interconnection and relatedness of all of life. My intuition choose the whale, and I now realize it could not have been more perfect for me in hindsight.

Humanity in general is out of touch with their inner spiritual world and its connection to their Divine beingness. The divine is in all of life, and animals carry meaning and insights that we can access when we reconnect with our natural, right-brain hemisphere intuition. Unfortunately, our fear-based and imbalanced patriarchal controlled society has conditioned this innate quality out of the vast majority of humans – but it is rising up again into our awareness at this time – thankfully. We are conditioned to only focus externally, and to give our personal power away to those in authority. Reclamation of your natural intuition puts you back in control of connecting to these right-brain hemisphere guided insights.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Wounding

The journey through the Gene Keys (GKs) is woven into the Dream Arc (helps connect us back to nature and animal world also). It was when I had the epiphany to focus on the time of my life associated with what is called the EQ in my GK profile (ages 7-14), that the insights started coming rapidly to a breakthrough that without these tools, I just could not put my finger on the emotional ‘stuckness’ of this time zone of my life.

This EQ sphere of our emotional development is evolved between the ages of 7-14 years of age. As it turns out, in hindsight looking back in the context of my Gene Key, I learned that the GK 48’s shadow frequency is deeply linked to this developmental period in general, no matter what one’s GK profile number is. This shadow of the the GK 48 is called, “inadequacy’. It is a type of collective human consciousness fear, which could be rooted in fear of lack finances and ‘not enoughness’, fear of being alone, running out of time, and other survival related mindsets. Of course, fearing abandonment made me more prone to wanting to protect myself by being independent – for me, this meant having abundant money.

Inadequacy is deeply rooted in fear and insecurity. This causes us to not feel safe and is damaging to our confidence to perform skillfully in the world. It is therefore characterized by feelings of ‘not enough’ – particularly as it relates to avoidance of feeling uncertainty – be it about one’s ability to perform or one’s financial or relational security. These insecurities lead to emotional wounds that tend to either lead to narcissism and dominance in relationship for self-protection or to helplessness, victim consciousness, and dependency (lack of confidence) as the survival tactic of choice.


Poverty Consciousness is the Norm in Humanity

I tended to lean toward dominance (as a over-reaction to being too passive early in life) and the financial side of worrying about never enough. Greed insecurity never feels safe because the fear is projected onto the material world, and needing to control my environment to feel safe. (Greed isn’t just about money – it can be related to needy validation, envy worry, feeling ‘never enough’ in general etc). Money is tied to humanity’s sense of Poverty/Lack/Separation consciousness in general – so it is quite the collective consciousness dilemma – and nearly a universal fear unless directly confronted and healed.

The healing opportunity in the Life/Gift gene key frequency of the 48, is how to develop TRUST in life. To be able to feel ‘unsecure’ (different than insecure) and still be at ease with ‘not-knowing’. It is the ability to trust that the Universe/Divine/Life is resourceful and when you are able to trust without allowing yourself to be overtaken by the emotion of fear – the answers to your seeming dilemmas will manifest as you truly need them. With wisdom.

I could even track it back to a time during these years in my EQ Gene Key when I decided that ambition was going to be my safety net to ‘not need anyone’. I had shut down my heart during those years during my greatest emotional turmoil period within my biological family system. Frankly, feelings of inadequacy was driving my overachiever part of myself – for I didn’t trust life and felt like I was on my own, all alone. I projected my fears onto money as my ‘security net’ savior.


The Root of Stress

This was the beginning of a long, hardworking, workaholic journey that took all of my might and determination to break as a default nervous system pattern. It threw me mercilessly into the paradigm of stress and neglect of my artistic and playful parts of myself. And in the process, I uncovered all kinds of relationship tendencies that were both self-sabotaging and relationship sabotaging – which has ultimately given me a whale-sized amount of wisdom! My ego set me up (or was it karmic lessons?) to go into a deep path of the emotional abyss that has prepared me with the temperament and tools to embrace emotion now with resiliency and pretty darn fearlessly face my insecurities and fears. The combo of the Lioness and Whale are quite the duo! The whale energy has been unconsciously guiding me all along.

Looking back I’ve been drawn to the whale for some years now, sleeping to whale sounds, looking for them on vacations, being fascinated by documentaries, etc….feeling sad for them at Sea World. Now that I have regained access to my intuition and have access to tools such as The Gene Keys – it has become much easier to reconnect to inner guidance, and to address even more of my own hidden human shadow parts and emotions. This leads to truly being what I call, ‘well, whole and wise’.


Embodiment of the Lessons

In exploring and contemplating the whale, I recently viewed (three times in a row, no less I was so drawn into the story line) the movie, The Whale Rider. There were several of my Gene Keys that have been a prominent part of my summer adventure reflected back to me in the main character, a young girl named Paikea, who was destined to be the chief of her tribal family lineage. There were some distinct challenging circumstances that Paikea was born into and had to overcome in her environment that could have derailed her Life’s Work and Purpose to encourage and inspire her community to heal themselves and reconnect with their own personal power, self-esteem and rebuild a healthy sense of community and spiritual relationship with each other and the cosmos. I related to all of them:

  • Misogyny
  • Emotional repression by authority figures with poor communication skills
  • Biased patriarchal religious beliefs that limited women
  • Limitation of access to quality education
  • Surrounded by those who, ‘could not see her’ potential and showed no support

…and more. These challenges only served to strengthen her resoluteness, as she clung to her intuitive higher heart that was able to connect with her inner spiritual guidance and strength. She was able to tap into the ‘Well’ of resourcefulness as her Source of safety, security and courage to access with humility the knowingness that she was adequately equipped to embrace her destiny. Thus, she was able to be of service to the whole of her community, without being derailed by an emotionally traumatized ego. I will say, I myself fell down into the traps of the shadow, unlike Paikea. She was able to maintain her childlike innocence with wisdom and without resentment and vengeful thinking.

However, by embracing my shadow lessons, I have emerged stronger, wiser and more courageous and more loving than I could have even imaged in the past. The shadow is a part of the human journey that contains our gifts and talents to be shared with the whole of humanity. Only we can unlock their gifts within us.

We all have access to this inner resourcefulness that she demonstrated when we are willing to let go of control and ditch the lie that it is okay to dominate others against their free will. Or, that we need to play small and hide out to be loved and accepted. Or the mistaken believe that emotions are ‘bad’ and are to be denied or repressed. By ‘making friends with feelings’, we can drastically improve our relationship with others in community. Perhaps we may need to move on to form or join other communities for some of us. This takes healing of our own feelings of inadequacy, cultivating self-love and acceptance, and being willing to develop deep trust and relationship with our inner spiritual resources of Divine Love. This takes listening to inner Divine guidance.

In the following short video I will share how other gene keys in my profile were interconnected to this journey of Paikea, that has helped me to shift the shadow fears of my ‘ambition’ and greed survival shadows, into greater abundance, creativity and resourcefulness, that is leading to even healthier relationship connection with those who support me and I can also best be of service and support to them also. Love is oceanic, and deeper than we know – we just must trust and be willing to embrace uncertainty to discover resourcefulness that is within us – and have the courage to reconnect with our inner Source.

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