Praying Mantis and F.E.A.R

GENE KEY 12 – Fear Key

I am in the midst of an amazing journey that the Dream Arc and The Delta programs associated with The Gene Keys have played a role in. Beginning in early May, The Dream Arc initiated an acceleration of insights into ‘shadow work’ that I had been self-facilitating for a very long time. While my transformation has been happening in a layered fashion over the years (like peeling an onion) – there was a ‘core wound area’ that seemed to be stuck. 

This stuck area had to do with really just feeling truly comfortable being a Guide/Facilitator leader in groups (called out for me to do in my Gene Keys profile, but I’ve known it all of my life anyway), and uncomfortable with sharing my creative endeavors with the world. For example, I’ve written and published two separate books, about ten years ago – and did hardly anything to promote either one. Why? Unconsciously I had a ‘Fear of Defeat’. This Fear is about from my experience, ego death and ego’s fear of humiliation, (milder form is embarrassment/shame), betrayal and/or  fear of rejection. I, in my vanity – had all three to deal with.


How Does This Relate to the Mantis?

Gene Key 12 has the following aspects:

Siddhi: Purity (of Heart)

Gift: Discrimination (As in distinguishing between the voice of the Mind versus the Heart)

Shadow: Vanity (ego)

The Praying Mantis is the nature creature associated with the Shadow frequency of Vanity – essentially a fear of people and feeling separate in a competitive way perhaps, or having the need to protect oneself in some way. When we fear people, we tend to hide our vulnerability, have difficulty with intimacy, and tend to be more stress prone and insecure. We tend to need validation and could either be a people pleaser putting our needs last or even being excessively needy. On the other hand, we may tell ourselves that we do not ‘need anybody’ for fear of rejection. Both tend to lead to unhealthy or co-dependent relationships.

Overarching Message from Praying Mantis for me from The Dream Arc: Your fear of impurity is in fact your fear of pain. Contemplate this mystery. A part of you fears that you can be tarnished by another, or by something outside yourself. This insight leads to the deeper insight that your pain is in fact the very thing that prevents you from experiencing the unity of consciousness with all beings. Your pain is the bridge to this unity.

Regarding ‘Discrimination’ – It is noteworthy that ‘Mantis’ in Greek means Prophet (or Priestess). When we come from a pure heart – we can better discriminate between intuitive knowing from the higher heart that guides others versus mental self-talk which can create much chaos, for self and others! Also for me, this journey to Purity and distinguishing between the higher heart and the ego mind has been to purify fear that had an unconscious motive also.


Vanity Was Blocking My Purpose

Again, think of Vanity here as ‘self-protection’ or focus on survival fears.

My fear was creating a ‘service to self’ energy and also an energy of ‘work’ that was too serious and not fun. This is the traditional way we think about work if you slow down and think about it. We ‘go to work’, so that we can ‘get money’ to survive. There’s no judgment here per se, this level of conditioned thinking bought me to this point in life. However, if I want to expand my vision and experience a higher path to abundance, enjoyment and inner peace, I’ve had to shift this to a ‘service to the whole’ perspective. This perspective comes from love.

I’ve had to shift my perspective about work to something I can relax into and really look forward to and not just to ‘get money’ or recognition as the prime motivation – typically this may be unconscious! This comes from fear. Love feels abundant and assumes our needs will be met and it also feels like we are already, ‘enough’. So there is no need to concern ourselves with getting recognition.

I’ve just had to shift to see that if I enjoy what I do, am in alignment with my authentic purpose in the world, and offer a needed service that is effective – people will show up, happily pay for the services that help them, and even refer others. It is a win-win. This all helps to ‘purify my purpose’ and heal another layer of my vanity. We do have to be honest with ourselves to intentionally shift from our conditioned, ‘work by the sweat of our brow’ thinking to one of ease and enjoyment in order to do this and to thrive.


The Dream Arc Journey This Past Summer

After a playful intensive this summer spent in nature, using The Dream Arc program…near the end of the summer – I chose my Guardian and Portal Creature which is a step to do in the program (I didn’t follow the prescribed order…I should have done this early on upon entering the Dream Arc).

I choose the Whale (GK 48) as my Guardian – which I immediately engaged with amazing transformational insights…but still didn’t really pay attention to the Praying Mantis, my chosen Portal Creature. In fact …I had forgotten I had done this until the following events unfolded…

I am about to start The Delta Program for the first time, another Gene Keys program that has seven people come together to form a group around its content. When I received my starting Gene Key number for this Delta journey…I discovered I would start with Gene Key 12 as my first Delta position which is randomly assigned.

I came to realize – this position is the ‘lead’ position that sets the energy of the group when it first begins. And, even more significantly for me – it has the theme of, ‘Purity of Purpose’ – the very thing I was intuitively contemplating using the Gene Key 12 before I even signed up for this program!

This was the trigger to within a week, my getting insight into even deeper unconscious fears I held in the area of relationships/groups and my fear for full out devotion for sharing my heartfelt creative projects with the world. I now also see how this insight is connected to what is known as my Core Wound or, ‘Vocation‘ Gene Key sphere. Fascinating!

Remember – The Gene Key 12 Praying Mantis is a message to address your deepest core wounds and fear, especially as it relates to your Purpose (in the Delta Program this is the theme of GK 12). It’s magical how this started to shift my awareness.


How These Fears can Manifest in Our Life

Over a decade ago…I created an acronym F.E.A.R that I had stopped sharing with the world…(frankly due to this core wound fear) – which stands for ‘Fictitious Evidence Affecting Reality’. I had published this term in a book I wrote…and didn’t actually invest time promoting the book unless invited to speak. I birthed the baby (book) and essentially left it on the doorstep, so to speak. This acronym has been resurrected by my Guidance in relationship to this Gene Key 12 journey at this time. It is amazing how comfortable and authentic I feel now using it.

Wouldn’t you know, then I was walking a few days ago…and a huge Praying Mantis was walking across my path (video attached below). I don’t recall ever seeing a live Praying Mantis in my life! It paused, just looked at me. I had forgotten from the Dream Arc until I went home and looked it up in the Dream Arc…that this is the animal associated with the Shadow/Fear Key for the Gene Key 12! My starting position in the Delta and previously chosen Portal Creature.

These tools can help us to develop our intuition!

As I intuitively listened to the video message Richard Rudd, (Gene Keys Founder) was sharing…also using some other contemplative tools I have, I had a ‘rock your world’ insight and tangible shift in my perception regarding GK 12. Quite startling! This insight has helped me to expand my vision, which relates to a Gene Key I have in the Pearl position of my Natal Chart, GK 11.4 – which is about Vision, Clarity and Light, among other things. This GK 11 is also connected to GK 12. They are what is known as, ‘Programming Partners’.

I never stop being amazed at what can happen when surrendered to embracing shadow work, and using the Gene Key tools have made a huge difference. I now realize this core ‘Fear of Defeat’ (Yes, I do also have 28 in my Human Design that relates to this fear for those of you who study these materials) that was in my bones, both ancestrally and collectively…has been summoned up for me to heal it and to embody the following message:

When you are surrendered (to Divine Love)….there is no ‘fear of defeat’ to fear.


Our Storytelling Brain

F.E.A.R is our story, our shadow, our perception – created within the Mind. And…note that in our censored world today, media narrative and story lines that are Fictitious Evidence Affecting Reality – is on a collective level, creating a lot of fear and havoc in the minds of many.

At least at a personal level, we can start the shift in the collective by taking back the steering wheel of our minds and addressing these ‘stories’ within ourselves. Even sharing this post is evidence for me, that I am on my way! As we learn how to recognize and use tangible skills to eliminate these blind spots that cause self-sabotage, embrace our unique path and love ourselves enough to stop suppressing our heart’s gifts to the world, we can expand the vision for our lives. This is the path, to reclaiming true sovereignty. Happy to be here on this path with you all – for such a time as this!

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