Loving Lioness in Community

Gene Key 25 – Life Key

The Loving Lioness …  She has been one of my most beloved creatures my whole life, and the spirit of the Lioness has helped guide me into owning my power and at the same time open my heart. I didn’t realize how much love power I had within me until I had children of my own – and my inner loving lioness, could turn fierce in an instant when it came to protecting the life of my children. Motherhood helped me to realize the power of fire – courage, passion, devotion, protection, commitment, super-human energy at times, persistence, patience, softness, miraculous faith and gently playful love, all rolled up in one being. I started to know more of the depths of my true potential. I have the 25.6 in my South Node in my Human Design profile.  The Human Design tool/assessment profile laid the foundation of The Gene Keys tool, many years ago.

Before children, lioness helped me to speak up, take risks, fueled my inner warrior/fighter, dare to believe the impossible and even achieve it – and now, after returning from the ‘shero’s journey’ and having raised into adulthood my two children – she is leading me to go deeper still into the heart of love and community – the Human Family. Women in particular is where I’m guided to most give attention to at this time.


How This Relate to the Lioness

Gene Key 25 Has the Following Aspects:

Siddhi: Universal Love

Gift: Acceptance

Shadow: Constriction

The Lioness is the nature animal associated with the Gift frequency, called the Life Key in the Dream Arc. This Life Key is about Loving Self-Acceptance. She is a symbol of feminine energy leadership. She has courage and is willing to fight for the life of her cubs to the death if needed. She is very resourceful. And she is very relationship focused in community with other female lionesses and the Lion Pride in general. She oozes confidence and accepts her worthiness as Queen of the Jungle without reserve. When she roars, her voice cannot go unnoticed.

She also is reliable to  help provide for her family, loving, playful and wise in regard to timing and self-care. These are some of the qualities that have rubbed off on me as I have come to embrace my inner Loving Lioness.


My Story of Not Belonging

And on this journey, I learned to open my heart again – even in community. For me, one of the most courageous things I’ve done is to see through my own inner illusory ‘shadow stories’ of my mind about ‘not belonging’ – which began in my biological family system from the time I landed on the planet. All is forgiven now, yet sometimes – we need to use discernment, and leaving a community, family, old friend, or situation, is the most compassionate thing we can do at the time for all concerned. Even though it may be difficult. Life is convoluted, so who knows where the road will lead to in the future. Guidance is always there to show the right timing and season for everything under the sun.

My children and husband were powerful influences in motivating me to heal my many, many deep emotional wounds – I believe from other lifetimes as well. When my children were born, they were so easy for me to love – I had no idea I could feel love like that. I loved my husband – but you know, how that can go – the armor was still up. Thankfully, as I have dealt with my painful shadow beliefs and feelings – even this armor has melted into the heart of love. We’ve now been married – and genuinely happy together – for over three decades. Trust me – we had our share of bumps along the way, but love is able to provide the courage to face truth and to look fears in the face and deal with them.


How We Form Perceptions

On the surface, I was always drawn to people, had lots of friends and even was a ‘student leader’. However, inside I had a non-stop inner critic voice that was ruthless, belittling, insecure and insisted that I didn’t belong and felt alone – no matter what I achieved or how many friends I had. Little did I realize that this would drive my determination ultimately in the direction of a powerful healing journey that would not only help myself, but many others and will have a collective effect before this life’s journey is over. This experience taught me how self-talk can create our outer reality experiences.

I now KNOW I belong. Of course I belong on this earth and at this time, for sure! And I am wiser about my choice of relationships and communities that I commit to participating in. As I have changed and healed – so have my relationships. I am now rooted and grounded in love, and that love is boundless and ever expanding for it comes through me, not from me/ego. This love is divine, eternal and powerful beyond measure. The loving lioness – is a wonderful 3D spiritual animal guide that can illustrate this part of ourselves in form. If we are drawn to her, it is a message to pay attention to our own capacity for love and courage for personal growth and expansion at this time.


Why Community Matters

Community is more important now than ever. The energy of the container, the support of others on the same type of healing path who have ‘ears to hear’ accelerates our courage. The power of compassion, empathy and ‘sovereignty in community’ that respects the diversity of thought and values of others, is very much needed at this time.

I have been on a long, rugged, and isolated until recent times journey, to healing the blind spots that were created by these shadow stories I used to tell myself. Over time, I tried many tools, had many of my own ‘downloads’ of insights and two of these tools I decided to focus on as a part of my Facet Healing Circle. These are, The Gene Keys and The Dream Arc (both can be found online at The GeneKeys.com). Since I am a natural big picture synthesizer, there are other skills and trainings I use which have made me very versatile; including having conventional and functional medicine medical training degrees. And let’s be clear here – our shadows are not ‘one and done’ – we can always learn and expand and I’m still growing. However, after being on this path with a  high level of commitment and discipline for 30 years – I would hope I’ve had a head start by now to help be a Guide for our turbulent times when it comes to shadow work.

I would like to share here a message from The Lioness Guidance section from this Dream Arc tool (GK 25 Life Key) that truly resonates with me:

And yet, the time is now coming – the Great Change is upon us. Your task now is to rediscover the vast love that lies in the heart of your being, in the heart of all beings. You are a vessel of this awakening. You are the light of the ages. Your task is to rekindle this solar flame and bring it to us. My news is therefore great news! Every human has the heart of a lion. So dig deep and cast out the shadows that prevent you from claiming your birthright, your magnificence. Only you stand in your own way. You cannot blame another.

We are in the time to reclaim our personal power, take personal responsibility for our own feelings and reactions, and to return to love. This takes courage, this takes the Loving Lioness in Community. Sovereignty in Community. Unity in Diversity. A willingness to open our mind and free our heart intelligence. Getting comfortable with discomfort. Be YOU, Magnificently!

Let’s do this together. Love wins. Won’t you join us?

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